Resting in peace is hard work! For Ghostie, it's one thing after
another - literally - as he dodges obstacles, leaps over pitfalls
and avoids other spooky surprises on his path. Customize your
Ghostie and help him safely cross to the other side of each
hauntingly addictive level. And frequent updates will provide new
challenges, obstacles and surprises sure to keep your spirits up!
It's the most fun you can have without a pulse.

Easy to Play, Hard to put down!

Just tap the screen once with your finger to jump over all the
obstacles and surprises in your way. Collect tokens throughout
the game to purchase items for your Ghostie in the store.


  • Hours of addictive gameplay
  • Challenging obstacles
  • 6 Ghosties to suit your style
  • Earn extra levels and masks
  • Killer graphics and music
  • And much more!

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Available on the Apple Store
“Overall, Ghostie is an incredibly enjoyable game with nothing but favorable aspects. For those who enjoy runner-style games, one of the best games in the entire genre is Ghostie.”
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Killer Graphics & Chilling music!

From the spooky cemetery to the dry and dusty desert, each level is filled with fantastical graphics, vivid colors and music composed by Alexander Falinski (Cut the Rope, Parachute Ninja, Feed Me Oil). Unlock each Stage to find new and exciting obstacles and challenges certain to keep you coming back for more.

Hours of Addictive Gameplay!

The obstacles keep coming, and so does the fun! Multiple stages and levels provide hours of challenging entertainment. Collect tokens to unlock new Ghosties, potions and extra stages for even more excitement!

Regular Updates!

Keep your eyes peeled (ew!) for exciting new challenges, obstacles and other surprises for Ghostie - including haunted holiday updates.


Ghostly Characters

Choose from several main Ghostie Characters
or collect tokens to unlock new masks and
Ghosties in the store!

Challenging Obstacles

Avoid Obstacles, pitfalls and bones as you make your
way through each level. Learn what obstacles can help
you along the way and which will stop you dead in your tracks!

Beautiful Graphics

Each level is a new, exciting experience from the
haunting obstacles of The Hallow to the sun scorching
deserts of Skeletown - theres no stopping once you
have begun to play!

Hours of Addictive Gameplay

Ghostie is an amazingly addictive game! Wether you are
just trying to make your way through each level, Beat
your highest score, collect all tokens or unlock all achievements - it’s the best way to kill some time.

Hypnotizing Music

Alexander Falinski has done it again. If you’ve played
Cut the Rope, Parachute Ninja or Feed Me Oil - then you
are familiar with the hypnotizing music that Alexander
is known for. Composing a perfect mixture of spooky
and fun, the music for Ghostie will stick with you long
after you’ve laid your phone down to rest.

Release Notes

Ghostie 1.5

  • New Ghostie: Gobbles
  • Enhanced Level Select Screen
  • New Introductory Level: Carrion Crow
  • New Level: A Ghostie Thanksgiving
  • New Obstacle: Moving Turkeys
  • Enhanced Game Center Experience
  • Various Bug Fixes & Improved Performance

Ghostie 1.0

  • Initial release!


“I've played Ghostie more than any other game in years. I actually missed my train stop because I was trying to finish a level! Love the artwork. Love the music. Love it.”
-Ryan B., NYC


“I am addicted to Ghostie!!  This is my new favorite game...”
-Jilly B., Ga.


“If Jesus had a favorite app... This would be it. Playing this game is like frolicking through the back hair of an angel or riding a unicorn over a rainbow of awesomeness.”
-Gordon Hall


“I am experiencing both an intense amount of fun and frustration with Ghostie!”
-Leanna Lofte,
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“"I like it; not in spite of the kick-in-the-nuts difficulty but because of it. It looks good, plays well and doesn’t give you an easy ride.”
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“OK, I'm not a huge run and jump app fan so to make me give you 5 stars on an app you're going to have to appeal to something I do love. Cute. This app is so stinking cute it's painful.”
-Jessica Dally,

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